Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sharepoint Server 2010 - Learning Steps and Resources

When I have learned that, my new project is going to be a sharepoint 2010 project, I got excited. The reason is, I have been in software development for more than 7 years and gone through different technologies, but sharepoint is really a cutting edge item that I never looked into. However, when I started my learning, I discovered, there are lot of articles, books, tutorials, videos and other resources available for SharePoint over WWW both from Microsoft and 3rd parties. In first few days, I found my self in middle of a big ocean and was searching to reach some kind of land. Gradually, I started to get familiarize with Sharepoint and I felt, I should share the learning steps and resources with the community so that, new guys no more needs to swim across Sharepoint ocean in WWW. 
Here, I have sorted out the questions that came into my mind when I started learning SharePoint initially and I have tried to provide resources that were helpful to answer my questions.

1.     What are the minimum hardware requirements for a development computer to develop in SharePoint? What are the requirements for production machines?
2.     What is the history of SharePoint? How did this evolve?
3.     What are the options and versions of SharePoint available and what are their capabilities?
What are the limitations of SharePoint Foundation 2010 comparing with SharePoint Server 2010?
4.     What are the features of SharePoint server 2010?
5.     How should be the development environment for SharePoint development in a team?
6.     What are the tools available to develop in SharePoint 2010?
7.     How is the Architecture of share point?
8.     How does authentication managed in SharePoint 2010?
a.     Claim based authentication
b.    Forms based authentication
9.     What are Business connectivity services in SharePoint? What it can do?
10.  How to manage deployment of SharePoint project?
11.  How to manage source control of a SharePoint project?
12.  How to use Unit tests for a SharePoint project?

Here are some How To’s for SharePoint Server 2010 as I went through learning phase.

How To’s:

1.       Creating SharePoint 2010 Web Parts That Can Read and Write Data to External Data 
2.      Configuring a profile sync connection to an external sql database
3.      Getting Started with SharePoint 2010 Development Tools in Visual Studio 2010
4.      Basic SharePoint 2010 Feature Development
5.      Introducing SharePoint Designer 2010
6.      SharePoint 2010 master page as feature
7.      Enterprize Search
8.      Taxonomy/Managed Metadata
9.      Using LINQ to SharePoint in SharePoint 2010
10.    LINQ to SharePoint using Extension methods with Lambda expressions. (Codeplex solution)
11.    Use Dotnet Client Object Model in SharePoint 2010
12.    Use Javascript Client Object Model in SharePoint 2010
13.    Create a list, columns and view programmatically


And this is great tool from Microsoft to research, learn and implement the best practices in SharePoint 2010 server development and deployment:
Learning Tools:
1.       Developing Applications for SharePoint 2010

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